I've written, created, produced, directed and over 300+ videos since 2008. Majority have been internal and external projects for Puget Sound Energy. I've also had the pleasure to work with Make-A-Wish, local businesses, kids sports and more. Below are some galleries that highlight some of this work. Some of these slides have dozen of videos, so make sure to scroll through.

I've volunteered with Make-A-Wish since 2010, after Electron Boy came to PSE and I realized I had to be a part of future wishes. I've met some amazing kids & families, as well as generous people who also donate their time to this great organization

I've been contracting with the Summit at Snoqualmie since 2016, working closely with their marketing department.

I really enjoy helping businesses create promotional videos that help elevate awareness and spotlight their services. 

These comedic videos were always just for fun, but I always like a challenging subject.

My sports videos have generally been volunteer work - with the school district and local bike teams that I support.

Drone videos always give a new perspective and I've been flying before they had GPS built in. Here are a few videos that are drone specific

This concert video was pretty fun to film since it involved 5 different cameras throughout the theater that I managed and then combined for a fundraising video for a band field trip. Just over 45 minutes long, this took a good amount of time to produce and edit. The highlighted video is only the trailer used to help promote the project.