December 2016

Aspen started 7th grade and has already accomplished many great things. She made 1st chair for the school orchestra playing the flute (like her mother did). She is in 2 honors classes and is also one of 3 team captain's for the Heatherwood Hawks 7th grade Volleyball Team. Aspen is a huge Coug fan and plans to attend college there.

Alison is going on 17 years as an RN at what is now known as Swedish Hospital in Edmonds. She works in the ICU and has a great schedule that allows her to volunteer at the schools and spend additional time with the girls. She also completed her BA in nursing in the summer of 2015 at WSU. Go Cougs!

Autumn is a 5th grader at Mill Creek Elementary and top of her class. She loves school and thrives intellectually. She loves geology, astrology, gymnastics, Star Wars and Scooby Doo. She lives with her bunny Oreo along with her goldfish and frog. 

Scott changed jobs at Puget Sound Energy back in July of 2016 after almost 8 years in the communications department. I now work in the Outreach departments as an Outreach Coordinator. I also joined the ranks of Team USA as a member of the National Team for the Duathlon. I'll represent the USA at the ITU World Championships in August of 2017 in Penticton, Canada. I also started a cycling team back in December of 2015. Check it out here. I also coached Aspen's volleyball team at the Boys & Girls Club the past 2 seasons.

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