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Women's Road Captain

I got into biking over 20 years ago, when a friend talked me into a doing a triathlon; since I already ran and swam competitively.  I did triathlons for years until chronic shin splints put it to an end. I didn’t race my bike again until my first time trial in 2007.   I soon found myself racing as many road races as I could—although working full time and two kids in multiple sports limited my schedule (and a bike accident that took me off my bike for a year).  


I’ve been on several bike teams over the years but they were all based out of Seattle. I was driving to Seattle only to ride to Snohomish (where the best biking riding is).  I was so excited when Joe and Scott started a team in Snohomish - with fun sponsors and a great group of teammates who don’t take themselves too seriously and always put family first.  


Due to the constant promotion by Scott, I tried my first cyclocross race last year and loved it. I’m trying mountain bike racing this year - so hopefully  it will be as much fun as cyclocross!

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