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Snoco Velo is currently the only race team that's based in Snohomish County. There's always been a strong need for a team based in Snohomish, which is known as the cycling hub in the north end of the Puget Sound.

Our team values are just as important as winning races. We make time for what's important, but when we do go out, we empty the tank.
You'll see our team members racing road, cyclocross, mountain biking, duathlons, triathlons and more.



It all started back in the fall of 2015. Joe and Scott sat separately under team tents at a cyclocross bike race. It was cold and the rain was coming down pretty hard on these two Snohomish County bike racers. It had only been a little over a year since the two had met at previous races, but the pair already become good friends after racing against (and with) each other during the previous season. Although both were on different teams, Scott and Joe found themselves hanging out together under the Woodinville Bicycle tent – after all, they invited anyone to take advantage of their oasis (Sprinter van, heated tents, etc).In the summer of 2015, Scott started the Snohomish County Cyclocross Practice Group that included a motley crew of Snohomish County cyclists from many different King County teams. We all had the same goal, get better prepared for the cyclocross season that lie ahead – but we wanted to do it together in our own back yard – not some park in Seattle that required a 45 min drive in traffic! We had an absolute blast – we challenged ourselves and we all got better.

This continued into the 2015 race season, our mish mash group of Snohomish County racers was a source of inspiration and camaraderie at the races, even though we weren’t on the same teams and didn’t hang out in our respective tents. We all took joys in each other success and laughed at each others epic mistakes.
It was at that point Joe and Scott started thinking of a crazy idea; start our own cycling team! Our minds were racing as we made a distinct realization that we would be the only race team based in Snohomish County. The town of Snohomish is bustling with cyclists every weekend, so the area was ready to have such a team. And so SnoCo Velo was born!We spent several brainstorming sessions with a larger group coming up with ideas on how the team should operate. We didn’t want to take ourselves too seriously; we wanted to focus on being good teammates and sharing a good time.

Most of us have families, so we aren’t able to completely commit to being an elite team. It is our belief anyway that the best amateur racer is the one having the most fun. After a few meetings with some other alumni members that we came up with our team mantra:
Empty the TankFamily FirstNo EgosHere we are in our first race season, winning and having fun. We’ve already put team members on the top step of the podium – we are actually winning races. Our sponsors are amazing - everything from ice cream to beer, rock climbing to physical therapy, bike shops & bike manufacturers, an amazing bakery and cycling attorney and one of the best real estate agents in the Snohomish County. We hope to see you out on the road or this upcoming cyclocross season. 

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