MTB: Cat 2
Cyclocross: Cat 3
Track: Cat 4

A recovering alpine climber, I got into cycling in 2011 after the birth of my second child. Before kids my weekends were spent in the backcountry climbing. After kids, the time away seemed selfish and summits seemed trivial but my desire for self-inflicted pain never went away; enter cycling. I found that I could go out and punish myself on the bike and still be home for time with the family. I joined a large Seattle based team in 2013 and met a lot of great people but I aways felt a little disconnected from everyone because of the distance. In 2015 I collaborated with Scott Harder to start Snoqualmie Ice Cream Racing with the goal of bringing a real race team to a community that desperately needed it.

My focus on the bike will always be fun first. It's my belief that the best amateur bike racer is the one having the most fun. That said, the term Type A is a bit of an understatement as it applies to my competitive nature. I particularly enjoy mountain biking and cyclocross because I enjoy competing with myself above all else. Mountain biking connects me to my backcountry roots and I find the constant focus required to stay upright and go fast to be zen-like. I work out a lot of life's little problems while in a trance. Road cycling is fun, but it's place in my life will always be to go faster on dirt. I also enjoy family bike rides with my wife and two kids, both of whom proudly wear Snoqualmie Ice Cream Racing kit.

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