My brother-in-law challenged me to race in a triathlon with him many years ago. As a competitive ski racer, swimmer and collegiate water polo player, I couldn’t say no. I was immediately hooked and competed for many years before an inner ear problem made running an insurmountable challenge.

Still needing a physical outlet, I converted my focus to bicycling which did not have the same physical challenges of running and I’ve never looked back.  I believe that oxygenation of our system thru exercise has a significant positive impact on our overall well being and makes joke just seem funnier (really… give it a try).


Despite physical challenges, I continue to ride with

my team to help me break through barriers that I could not push through on my own. I no longer compete as a racer but I love to support my teammates and push myself to improve my efficiency and condition.

I encourage all to break through to new levels and overcome the barriers that at first glance appear to be insurmountable. It can be done!